Our Services

Our Services

TSB GLOBAL’s services are provided to industries, wholesalers, exporters, importers, trading companies, investors and banks exposed to the risk of insolvency, political interference or inability to enforce legal or contractual obligations resulting from commercial activities industrial or financial, both domestic and international.


Both the public and private sectors offer Credit Receivables Insurance, with an extensive range of coverages and structures. TSB GLOBAL can assist you in the decision-making process with your extensive international experience and in-depth knowledge of the markets.

TSB GLOBAL has contacts with governmental and multilateral organizations and can regularly provide sectoral and country information.

  • Pre-Shipment Credits.
  • Short-term and revolving credit lines.
  • Flexible Structures for Multinationals and Conglomerates.
  • Agribusiness and Commodity Trade Finance.
  • Imports Financing ("Buyers'Credit / Reverse Credit").
  • Credit Insurance covers non-payment resulting from commercial events (insolvency and default) and / or political events (currency inconvertibility, cancellation of import licenses, political violence, commercial embargo etc).
  • Medium term credit exposure can also be covered, ensuring sales. (Reservation of property or other collateral is generally prerequisite for medium-term credits).

Our services are tailor-made. We shall be pleased to offer you examples of different structures and case studies which demonstrate the protection/mitigation of credit risks obtained.

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Depending on the circumstances, a Financial Institution can be the Insured, a joint Insured or a named Loss Payee to the policy, improving their risk rating in each case.

Menace of labour disputes and terrorism, the effects of regulations and discrimination, the change of rules of transfer of profits from the country of operation are all examples of perils investors face when operating in foreign jurisdictions.

TSB GLOBAL can often provide a bridge between commercial organisations who wish to invest, and multilateral and regional agencies who are increasingly willing to partner with the private market.

Applicable Products:

  • Confiscation Expropriation Nationalisation Deprivation;
  • Wrongful Calling of Guarantees / Arbitration Award;
  • Loss of Plant & Equipment (owned or leased);
  • Forced Abandonment;
  • Currency Inconvertibility or Exchange Transfer defaults;
  • Operating or Import / Export Licence Revocation;
  • Physical Violence – politically motivated; strikes, riots;
  • War, Civil War, Rebellion and other Civil Disturbances;
  • Terrorism;
  • Kidnap & Ransom;
  • Extortion Protection;
  • Bid or Tender Bond;
  • Performance Bond or insurance;
  • Political Risks reporting;


A Financial Institution can be the Insured, a joint Insured or a named Loss Payee to the policy.

TSB GLOBAL offers tailor – made risk transfer solutions for the following types of transactions:


  • Parent / Subsidiary or Branch Funding;
  • Project Finance;
  • Working Capital;
  • Asset-Based;
  • Trade Finance (incl. Syndications);
  • Bank-to-bank trade-related;
  • Acquisitions or Mergers;
  • Non-trade transactions considered on a case-by-case basis


  • Confirmation and Refinancing of Letters of Credit
  • Leases
  • Structured Finance
  • Bond Issues
  • Agribusiness (CPR, CDCA, CDA/WA)

Manage exposures under Basle II, IFC’s Equator Principles, Obligor credit, country and ‘sub-sovereign’ risks. TSB Global Solutions:

  • Prepayments
  • Import Financing (Buyers´ Credit/Reverse Credit)
  • Contract Frustration
  • Confiscation Expropriation Nationalisation Deprivation
  • Wrongful Calling of Guarantees / Arbitration Award
  • Loss of Plant & Equipment (owned or leased)
  • Forced Abandonment or Divestiture
  • Currency Inconvertibility or Exchange Transfer Defaults
  • War and other Political Violence


The objective of our products is to achieve enhancement of financing and cash flow stabilization as much as possible. Coverage for Manufacturers and Capital Equipment Producers allow sales expansion and the additional benefit of possible securitisation of assets. Aim is to keep the premium at an attractive level with numerous options, such as pluriannual insured amounts, “Top Up” and other innovative solutions.

TSB GLOBAL target market are those large and medium-sized companies that consider the traditional credit insurer services to be “expensive”, “administratively heavy” and “commercially restritictive”. Companies that have their own trade finance management and that cannot find an adequate insurance solution for the protection of their balance sheet. The sums insured and the deductibles are determined by the insured following his internal priorities.

TSB Global Solutions:

  • Short or medium term (usually up to 5 years, although longer terms can be considered) supplier credit (N.B. Title retention or other collateral is generally a requirement on medium term credits).
  • Single buyer or multi-buyer policies.
  • Flexible, although meaningful, risk sharing by the Insured (coinsurance or deductible).
  • Portfolio excess of loss coverage.
  • “Top-up” or “Excess-Credit” insurance (designed for insureds whose insurance needs on an individual debtor exceed the capacity provided by their primary insurance carrier).
  • Flexible structures for MNC’s and conglomerates.